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Vallfirest Backpack Fire Pump VFT 20 Liters

Comfort and versatility under the hardest conditions         Vallfirest   The VFT 20 Liter Backpack Pump is a major advance in ergonomic professional equipment. Designed for use in various operations, it offers more comfort, performance and operability ...

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Vallfirest Concept Tests

Reader input needed     Vallfirest We are going to show you two positioning proposals for the Vallfirest brand. First, read the two proposals carefully. Then, answer the questions. Click: NEXT

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Xtreme Mask, The Latest Advance in Respiratory Protection for Wildfires

A multipurpose device that offers a complete protection of the face and the face and respiratory tract against particles, gases and vapors. Vallfirest – Wildland firefighters are exposed to several labor risks; heat, humidity, radiation, incandescent particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, smoke, ...

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