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Vallfirest: Forestry Backpack Xtreme Pack

Designed for use in the harshest of conditions     Vallfirest The Xtreme Pack is an all-new wildland backpack specially designed for use in the harshest of conditions, offering fire-fighters greater performance, comfort and flexibility in their extinguishing and wildland ...

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New Tools and Machinery to Fight the Fires of the 21st Century

Conversation between Javier Baena and Ángelo Lorenzo Vallfirest A.L: How did your journey into the world of wildland fires start? J.B: I studied forest engineering. Then I expanded with the master degree in fire studies in Lérida. A.L: You are ...

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Vallfirest Backpack Fire Pump VFT 20 Liters

Comfort and versatility under the hardest conditions         Vallfirest   The VFT 20 Liter Backpack Pump is a major advance in ergonomic professional equipment. Designed for use in various operations, it offers more comfort, performance and operability ...

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