Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center 2020 Incident Review Summary

Information collected from over 100 operational incidents


(Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center)


Wildfire Lessons Learned Center

The information in this report comes from wildland fire incidents—from various entities—submitted to and gathered by the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) in 2020. The primary source of this data is accident reports (FLA, RLS, SAI, etc.).

Most of these reports have been posted to the LLC’s Incident Reviews Database.

SAFENETs and other data sources have been included when no full report was produced or could not be located.

For 2020 we collected information on 118 operational incidents. We also received 43 reports related toCOVID-19.

You can find summaries on the COVID-19 focused reports here: Wildland Fire Coronavirus Lessons Summary 2020.

This Incident Review Summary focuses on the 118 operational reports. We have examined these reports, compiled a few numbers and extracted specific lessons. It is our aim to present this information in a way that empowers us all to improve future operations.

We hope you turn these lessons into learning – remember…learning requires action

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