Baker River Hotshots 2020

A look at last year’s wildfire season


(Johnny Brady, YouTube)


Johnny Brady

A few of the more eventful moments from the 2020 fire season. A huge thank you to the friends and families of wildland firefighters (forestry technicians) everywhere. It’s not possible to do what we do without the support from our loved ones at home.

The Baker River Interagency Hotshot Crew is a highly-trained Type 1 wildland fire suppression crew. Since its inception in 1976, these hard-working professionals have spent summers battling forest fires and, when needed, responding to federal emergencies around the U.S.

Baker River Hotshots learn and practice critical fireline skills that rely upon communication, team-building and high-reliability concepts. This organization provides an exciting and fulfilling job for those fit enough for the challenge. The Baker River IHC has a proud history built on camaraderie, strong work ethic and mutual respect.

The Baker River Hotshots are hosted by the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest on the Mt. Baker Ranger District and stationed at Koma Kulshan Guard Station.

The crew is on call between late May and October, averaging more than 70 days per season on assignment.  While not on fire assignments, the hotshot crew accomplishes a variety of project assignments such as prescribed burning, building and maintaining trails and performing building maintenance.


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