Factory Direct Hose Announces $9M Inventory Supply to Be Prepared for Next Fire Season

Shipped at a moment’s notice



Factory Direct Hose recently announced that starting January 2021, the company will have $9 million worth of inventory ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice in preparation for next fire season.

Factory Direct Hose, an industrial hose supply store based out of Idaho, frequently supplies fire stations, the Forest Service, and cities with suction hose, discharge hose, and their accompanying camlock fittings. Suction hose & discharge hose are critical tools in fighting wildfires, as they allow firefighters to siphon water from existing ponds and lakes to fight the flames.

“Fires don’t wait for anyone. Large diameter suction hose and discharge hose can be hard to find in stock, especially during fire season. In order to truly be ready for a worst case scenario, we needed to increase our inventory and have it immediately available for shipment”, says Zach Evans, CEO of Factory Direct Hose.

The fires hit close to home for Factory Direct, which has several warehouses in Oregon. 2020 was the worst fire season on record for the Beaver State, which saw over 1.1 million acres burned and smashed previous records for hazardous air quality.

“2020 was the worst fire season on record, and experts don’t expect next year to be much better”, says Zach. “If there was one lesson that this year has taught all of us, it is that preparation is essential. As a company, we want to ensure that if we have another record breaking season, we will not run out of stock of suction and discharge hose. We want to be prepared to deliver essential equipment to first responders at a moment’s notice.”

For more information, visit https://www.factorydirecthose.com


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