NWCG: National Guidance for COVID-19 Wildfire Response

Several checklists to aid in navigating the complexities of COVID-19



National Wildfire Coordinating Group

As a response agency, the wildland fire community needs to be ready and prepared to adjust operations to meet the complexities of fighting wildland fires in a COVID-19 pandemic environment. While this document provides the Medical Unit Leader (MEDL), Command and General Staff (C&G), and other wildland fire planners broad-based COVID-19 medical guidelines, preparations, and response should be managed to the unique characteristic each fire presents.

Due to the potential serious operational impacts COVID-19 could have on the 2020 fire season, the Fire Management Board (FMB) established the Medical and Public Health Advisory Team (MPHAT) to serve as the interagency body responsible for providing consistent review and recommendations for all wildland fire COVID-19 planning material. This document was reviewed by the MPHAT and guides the wildland fire medical posture and COVID-19.

It is important to note that one solution or guideline may not apply to all situations. It is impossible to establish one set of protocols/procedures that work for every single jurisdiction. However, clear national guidance is required to decrease the risk of serious impacts to fire operations due to COVID-19 infections.

  • Medical Unit Concept of Operations
  • Roles and Responsibilities of MEDL and Medical Unit Operations
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Relationships Between MEDL and C&G
  • Appendix A: COVID-19 Medical Action Plan
  • Appendix B: State Public Health Departments, State COVID-19, and State EMS Contacts
  • Appendix C: Wildland Fire COVID-19 Screening
  • Appendix D: Medical Treatment Support Matrix
  • Appendix E: Employee Contact Assessment (ECA)
  • Appendix F: COVID-19 Worker’s Compensation CA-1 and CA-2
  • Appendix G: Recommendations for Difficult Situation



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