HAIX North America Introduces New Wildland Certified Boot, Missoula 2.1

Compliant with NFPA 1977 for wildland firefighting


HAIX Missoula 2.1


HAIX® announced that the company has introduced a new boot dedicated to wildland firefighting: the wildland certified Missoula 2.1.

The new Missoula 2.1 is compliant with NFPA 1977 for wildland firefighting and ASTM F2892 certified for electrical hazard resistance. The durably tough European split bull leather is water resistant, hydrophobic, and breathable to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. The lighter weight of the boot helps to alleviate leg fatigue while on long hikes. With less weight on the feet, the less energy expended while walking.

The newly designed, highly heat-resistant Vibram sole offers greater footholds on any terrain. The special design of the heel offers strong footholds on even the most steep and uneven terrain. The sturdy and stable midsole ensures that hikers keep their footing and won’t feel every rock and stone underfoot.

The two-zone lacing allows users to adjust the tension of the upper and lower part of the boot independently for a more tailored fit. Lacing just became easier with the newly designed roller ball eyelets which offers minimal friction, reducing wear and tear on the flame-resistant Nomex laces.

Missoula 2.1 is available in narrow, medium, and wide widths for both men and women.

For more information about the company and its products, visit www.haixusa.com or call 1-866-344-4249.


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