Breckenridge Hotshots 2018

A look back at the wildfire season



James Lazaro – Breckenridge Hotshots 2018 (Not officially endorsed by the USFS, USDA, or Sequoia National Forest)
Song Title: 300,000 I’m Hot Now! by Masego Off the Masego Official Soundcloud page
Song Title: Going Gets Tough by The Growlers Off the Chinese Fountain album

Staring Crew 8

Edited by Jimmy
Live Shot by The Breckenridge Hotshots
Digital & Online Conscious Creations

Special Thanks to the, Sequoia, Mendocino, Sierra, Cleveland, Los Padres, Shasta, White River, Ashley, and Bridger-Teton National Forests & the states of California, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

Breckenridge Hotshots 2018
Conscious Creations 2018


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