Shelter Deployment: Mudd Fire, Nevada 2006

Lessons learned


Melted hard hats (Nevada Division of Forestry photos)


On August 23, 2006, approximately 5:41 p.m. a burnover and fire shelter deployment occurred involving a BLM type VI engine near mile marker 37 on State Route 225 located in Elko County, Nevada. While suppressing a wildfire two BLM firefighters left their fire engine due to a flat tire and received minor burns while deploying their fire shelters.

The incident occurred on the Mudd Fire; a multi jurisdictional wildfire shared by the Nevada Division of Forestry and the Bureau of Land Management. Both firefighters were evacuated from the fire scene by helicopter to a waiting Elko County ambulance for transportation to the Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital where both firefighters received treatment and released.

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Accident Investigation Factual Report, Mudd Fire Entrapment/Fire Shelter Deployment


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