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The WATERAX Genuine Parts Store is now online and available! From any device, any time, you can now effortlessly order genuine WATERAX parts. We’re thrilled to be able to offer a more convenient way to shop, and help to save your valuable time.

The WATERAX Genuine Parts Store is open 24x7x365, so you can order without having to call anyone or wait for business hours. This well-designed online store adapts to any screen size and is easily readable and navigable from any device.

If you have the specific list of items that you need, you can place your orders with just a couple of clicks and get on with your day. Genuine high quality parts will quickly be on their way so you can reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

It’s easy to find the items you are looking for, from spare parts and pump accessories, to fireline hardware, hoses and more. You can search using part numbers, product names, descriptions or categories. You can also shop using the WATERAX Genuine Parts Catalog. This catalog is interactive and includes expanded views of all our pumps and pump ends. It is directly connected to the Genuine Parts Store, so you can shop on the catalog and check out from the store.

The WATERAX Genuine Parts Store can be used to check if a product is in stock at any given time. When you’re signed in, you can place orders, gain access to your net pricing and custom discounts, or see your order history and past invoices. You can easily create quotes or put together a wishlist to save items for a future order.

Shipping is free for all orders over $200 (C$250).

Don’t Get Caught with Your Pumps Down

Why should you order genuine WATERAX parts? A pump failure at critical time can result in devastating losses. The care and precision taken in producing WATERAX pumps and spare parts — to ensure the highest quality and reliability — has made WATERAX fire pumps the benchmark of excellence in forest firefighting for decades.

Genuine WATERAX parts have precise tolerances designed to perfectly fit WATERAX pumps, guaranteeing better performance and maximum service life. By maximizing the reliability of our pumps, we minimize costly failures when you need them least, and help you avoid the need for maintenance in the field. We also minimize downtime and repair costs, saving you precious time and money.

Customers Love the Online Store!

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from users on the WATERAX Genuine Parts Store:

“The ordering site worked great. It totally makes life easier with getting price quotes and processing orders. Plus it had the agency discount built in as soon as the account was created.”
“Loved the wish list! Made it easier to keep a running list of what he needed, and he could save it for later and add to it.”
“The running total as items were added to the cart allowed him to keep his order under budget and not have to use a calculator to track his total.”
“The whole process start to finish was pretty smooth.”
“LOVED the store and will be using it again.”
“Appreciated the immediate response from us acknowledging that he placed the order, and the phone call to see how he liked it.”

Account Activation

If you’re already a WATERAX customer, you can easily activate your account to shop online. To activate your company’s online account, you will need your WATERAX Account Number (Customer ID), which is printed at the top of your customer statement.

If you’re a new customer you can easily create an account. Check it out now, and get free shipping on orders over $200 (C$250)!

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