MINI-STRIKER Fire Pump Cart System

Even at 65 lbs., the system remains ultra-portable



WATERAX – WATERAX is introducing a new lightweight fire pump cart system designed for private landowners. If you live near or in a wildfire area and your property is in danger as the fire season approaches, we’ve got your back! We can help you be prepared and stay safe.

Protect your home and property from wildfires with the MINI-STRIKER® Fire Pump Cart System, fully equipped with professional grade equipment it allows a single person to easily move a complete fire-fighting system (without water). Even at 65 lbs., the system remains ultra-portable. This lightweight fire pump is simple to set up, operate, easy to maneuver and offers superior performance. You can use this fire pump near a lake or a private pool and when you’re done, clean up and storage is effortless.

• Powerful pump for longer hose lays & elevation
• Lightweight aluminium alloy pump components
• Portable, lightweight and compact
• Emissions compliant; engine is CARB and EPA certified
• Manual recoil starting system
• Premium WATERAX Forestry Hose

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