Fire Sprinkler Systems: Protecting Structures from Firebrands

It is not uncommon for homes with sprinklers to survive



“There were a total of 5.5 million acres burned by wildfires in 2016. On May 1 of that year, a wildfire broke out in the Alberta city of Fort McMurray. The fire is set to become the costliest ever Canadian natural disaster for insurers, with 1,600 buildings destroyed and more under threat. Two fatalities are attributed to the fire and the entire population of about 90,000 were evacuated. The smoke from the fire could be seen as far south as Iowa.”

Insurance Information Institute

The number of homes destroyed by wildfires has increased dramatically in recent decades. This is partly due to the large number of new constructions in wildland and urban interface areas, but it is also due to decades of aggressive fire control. Potentially inflammable material has accumulated in many areas, increasing the risk for massively destructive fires. Although firefighters fight valiantly, some wildfires become so large that they are nearly unstoppable…




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