1 Pump = 1 Tree WATERAX in Support of the American Releaf Program

WATERAX doing their part to help the environment


We are proud to support the American ReLeaf program, created by American Forests, to kickstart forest regeneration in the American West following severe wildfires. American Forests is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring threatened forest ecosystems and inspiring people to value and protect urban and wildland forests. At WATERAX, we are dedicated to doing our part to rejuvenate environments devastated by wildfires—and what better way than planting trees? Each new tree contributes to cleaner air and water, improved biodiversity, and sequestering carbon, while mitigating climate change and creating a healthier world for everyone.

Facts about forests and fire

Naturally occurring fires, as well as controlled burns, clear out underbrush and help prevent megafires

Climate change worsens drought and other conditions, which are expected to increase areas of severe burns by 50-100% by 2050

Every year, global wildfires burn approximately 865 million acres – that’s five times the size of Texas

Nearly 60% of all forest fires are caused by humans



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