WATERAX Pump Battle

Comparison between MINI-STRIKER & Honda WX15



In order to demonstrate the MINI-STRIKER advantages over a general purpose pump, we’ve set both pumps side by side and observed how they perform at the nozzle when progressively adding up to 5 hose lays to reach 125 feet of elevation.

Given the current terrain configuration we gain roughly 25’ of elevation for every hose length of 100’. Consequently, we expect to lose about 14 PSI of pressure at the nozzle for every length of hose.

Based on this demo, it is obvious that the MINI-STRIKER outperforms the WX15.

The extra-pressure produced by the MINI-STRIKER helps you move water farther and higher than what is possible to achieve with a general purpose pump. The additional performance results in a better flow at the nozzle and provides a safety factor in critical situation.


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