A Powerhouse of a Pump…

…in a Portable Package

At WATERAX, we have your back, and are committed to offering a full range of firefighting solutions, for any need. The extraordinarily light WATERAX MINI-STRIKER® series of portable pumps provide maximal portability and maneuverability by packing WATERAX’s renowned standard of quality into an extremely light package that still packs a punch.

The WATERAX MINI-STRIKER® pump pairs a reliable single stage pump end with the Honda GXH50 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 85 PSI (5.9 BAR) and a maximum head of 196′ (60m), or a volume supply of up to 80 GPM (303 L/Min).


• Attack line firefighting

• Sprinkler operations

• Tandem pumping over long distances

• Entry level slip-on units


• Powerful pump for longer hose lays & elevation

• Lightweight aluminum alloy pump components

• Portable, lightweight and compact

With four different configurations, there’s sure to be a MINI-STRIKER configuration that fits your needs.


MINI-STRIKER® 2.5 HP Portable Cart System (MSTR-C)

The MINI-STRIKER portable cart system allows a single person to easily move a complete fire-fighting system (without water). Even at 65 lbs., the system remains ultra-portable, and can be fully equipped with professional grade equipment such as: WATERAX forestry hose, a suction hose, a Scotty nozzle, camloc fitting, a foot valve and strainer, and a universal hose wrench.

MINI-STRIKER® 2.5 HP Portable System (MSTR-P)

At 20 lbs., the portable MINI-STRIKER can easily be carried in one hand. It comes with a handle for easy carry and a poly-base with rubber mount for stability and protection from scrapes.

MINI-STRIKER® 2.5 HP Firefighting Skid Deck (MSTR-SD)

This MINI-STRIKER is an extremely lightweight (101 lbs.) and powerful entry-level skid deck that allows you to build your own fire apparatus and convert an ATV or pickup truck into a fire truck. Its small frame leaves plenty of room for water, equipment, and personnel. A foam eductor is available.

MINI-STRIKER® 2.5 HP Vehicle Mount (MSTR-V)

This extremely light vehicle-mounted pump system saves plenty of room for water, hoses, or other equipment in your vehicle.

If you’re interested in learning more about the MINI-STRIKER, or receiving advice on the best MINI-STRIKER configuration for your needs, please contact us.


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