Be Ready for Battle

Do you know your wildland hose?

Photoshoot for Waterax in Trabuco Canyon, CA USA Saturday March 19th, 2016.

Extreme weather conditions. Difficult terrain. Low visibility. Fighting fires can be an extremely unpredictable and dangerous task. One thing is certain in this profession. The stakes are high, and the price of mistakes — in lives and property — can be enormous. You cannot afford the cost of faulty equipment. You want to send your crews out with the best chance at winning the battle against wildland fires, and that means arming them with the highest quality tools.

Selecting the right hose is a critical part of your strategy. What should you be looking for in your wildland hose? The hose needs to reliably sustain high water pressures and temperatures while enduring years of service in a hostile environment. It needs to be extremely rugged and durable, yet light and easy to transport. It should meet or exceed all industry standards to ensure quality and performance.



WATERAX HOTLINE® can take the pressure
The HOTLINE® hose has been famous since the 1980s for its outstanding quality, and is trusted by many leading forestry agencies and municipalities. Its ability to sustain the high pressure delivered by our MARK-3® and BB-4® pumps, while enduring rugged wildland conditions, has made it the most popular premium layflat forestry hose in North America. Uncanny resistance to abrasions caused by rough terrain, plus UV and ozone resistance, make it the champion of du-rability in the field.

HOTLINE has a renowned bright florescent appearance which enables high retrieval rates, thanks to a yellow ENCAP® treatment. The ENCAP polymer completely encapsulates the jacket fibers, not merely the surface coat of the jacket. It cleans easily, even after exposure to the grimiest conditions. Also, it has high resistance to kinks and friction loss while allowing the hose to remain flexible, lightweight and compact for easy storage.

Equip yourself for victory
Look no further. WATERAX HOTLINE forestry hoses are an essential part of superior water handling systems for many agencies, and are guaranteed to meet your needs too. Contact us to learn more.

Key Features:

•    Circular bias woven, single jacket 100% virgin spun polyester.
•    Tube constructed of extruded T.P.U., a superior ozone and age resistant elastomer.
•    Standard lengths up to 100’ (30,5 m).
•    Wide service temperature range, from -60°F to 140°F (-51°C to 60°C).
•    FM abrasion test of 5,000 cycles minimum and Taber abrasion test of 1,000 cycles minimum.
•    Minimum service test pressure of 300 PSIG (2100 kPa).
•    Minimum proof test pressure of 600 PSIG (4200 kPa).
•    Minimum straight burst test pressure of 900 PSIG (6300 kPa).

Photoshoot for Waterax in Trabuco Canyon, CA USA Saturday March 19th, 2016.


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