Preparing Your Home for Wildfire Season with the VERSAX Fire Pump

Fully equipped with professional grade equipment including a powerful self-priming 2-stage fire pump powered by a Honda engine. This home fire pump is simple to set up and operate, easy to maneuver, and offers superior performance. You can use this fire pump near a lake or a private pool and when you’re done, clean up and storage is effortless.


Brought to you by WATERAX, makers of portable high-pressure fire pumps such as the MARK-3® and the BB-4®. Trusted by the wildland firefighting community since the 1920’s, our pumps are as tested and proven as the men and women who use them every day.


Having a fire pump accessible at all times, for high risk and high value residential properties, means you are ready and equipped.

Stop fire in its tracks and fight fires like the pros with the VERSAX® Cart System unit. Protect your defensible space and reduce the chances of the fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest.



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