Thorogood Debuts Wildfire-Ready FireStalker Elite Wildland Fire Boot

Thorogood, a division of Weinbrenner Shoe Company, has delivered the first NFPA 1977-certified Wildland hiking boot designed to fight wildfires. The Firestalker Elite Wildland fire boot is durable in rugged outdoor firefighting conditions, able to withstand 500 degree temperatures for up to five minutes, yet it is as comfortable as any high-end, technical hiking boot.

“There was a real need for the Firestalker Elite,” says Jeff Burns, SR VP of Sales & Marketing. “Traditional Wildland ‘logger’ boots provide plenty of protection, but are heavy and uncomfortable. Some firefighters would use Italian hiking boots instead, giving up that protection for comfort. Then they’d get into trouble when the soles would fall off. Italian hikers just aren’t constructed with the right materials and techniques to hold up to the heat and abuse they are exposed to when fighting fires. With the Firestalker Elite, you don’t have to make that trade-off. This boot combines comfort and protection. It really performs.”

Thorogood has packed the Firestalker Elite with advanced design elements. It features a new Vibram FIRE All-Terrain Sole (ATS). The tread wraps up the sides of the boot to provide superior multi-angle traction and good stability on uneven surfaces. An ankle lock system keeps the foot supported and secure. The black, oil-tanned fire leather is resistant to both flames and cuts. A moisture-wicking removable footbed on a reinforced Bi-Fit insole platform cradles and cushions the foot for long-term comfort.

The Firestalker Elite is another example of how Thorogood’s job-focused expertise can transform equipment that hasn’t changed much in generations. “Those firefighters who like Italian hikers…they inspired us,” says Burns. “We knew there was a way to give them comfort and protection. When they put on these boots, they’ll feel the comfort, and when they see that NFPA 1977 certification, they’ll know they’re protected, too.”

Thorogood Shoes, located in Merrill, WI is an ISO 9001 company and has been manufacturing special designed occupational footwear in the USA since 1892.

For more information, contact Bianca Boettcher, Marketing Manager 715-536-5521


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